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About Vegetable Boling Times

You grew a bumper crop of fresh veggies. Now, you want to make sure they are cooked to perfection. So, the key question is “How long to boil vegetables?” The table below is a guide to cooking them just right.

Listed below, are recommended boiling times to prepare fresh vegetables for immediate consumption. For blanching times for freezing vegetables, see Blanching times.

Did You Know? You can save the broth from boiling vegetables for making soup. If you are not ready to make soup, just freeze the broth for later use.

When to PlaceVegetables in Water

the question of when to place vegetables in the water is asked over and over again. Do you place them in the pot when the water is cold or hot? Here’s the answer:

  • Fro vegetables that grow under the soil, start these vegetables in cold water.

  • For vegetables that grow above the ground, place the vegetables in boiling water.

USDA Recommended Vegetable BoilingTimes (Source: USDA)

Boiling Times
Asparagus, Small10 – 13
Beans, Snap13 – 15
Beans, Lima25 – 27
Beets, whole38 – 40
Broccoli9 – 12
Brussels Sprouts15 – 17
Cabbage, wedges10 – 13
Carrots, whole20 – 22
Carrots,  diced or sliced18 – 20
Cauliflower, separated8 – 12
Celery, sliced15 – 19
Corn on the cob7 – 10
Corn. kernels6 – 8
Collards15 – 20
Kale15 – 20
Okra12 – 14
Onions, whole20 – 22
Onions, quartered10 – 14
Parsnips, whole20 – 40
Peas10 – 14
Spinach8 – 12
Squash, acorn, butternut, quartered or cubed16 – 20
Summer squash and Zucchini, sliced13 – 15
Sweet potatoes, whole28 – 35
Turnips30 – 35

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