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Certified Organic Garden Vegetable and Herb Seeds

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The starting point for organic gardening, is to fine USDA Certified organic garden seeds. The search for these seeds can be frustrating, as there are often little variety to choose from, in the marketplace. And, organic seeds are often priced very high.

We've got you covered, with a large variety of  certified organic seeds, at the very best price.

Buy Organic seeds now.

Here is our certified organic seed line:


Bean, Bush Blue Lake

Bean, Blue Lake Stringless

Bean, Contender Stringless

Beet, Detroit Dark Red

Broccoli, Green Sprouting

Cantaloupe, Sierra Gold

Carrot, Danvers Half Long

Carrot, Nantes

Cucumber, Muncher

Cucumber, Straight Eight

Lettuce, Buttercrunch

Lettuce, Gourmet Blend

Lettuce, Parris Island Romaine


Onion, Evergreen Bunching

Peas, Oregon Sugar Pod II

Pepper, California Wonder

Pepper, Color Mix

Radish, Cherry Belle

Radish, Sparkler White Tip

Spinach, Bloomsdale Long Standing

Squash, Summer Crookneck

Squash, Waltham Butternut

Swiss Chard, Rainbow

Tomato, Brandywine Pink

Tomato, Chadwick Cherry

Tomato, Roma

Watermelon, Allsweet

Zucchini, Dark



certified, organic, herb, herbss, seeds, jpg, images, pictures

Basil, Large Leaf

Basil, Genovese



Dill, Mammoth

organic, tomato, seeds, pictures, images, jpgs, tomatoes

Make sure the vegetable seed you are buying is certified organic. Look for the USDA Certified Organic logo. It will be on the front of the seed packet.

Buy Certified Organic Vegetable and Herb seeds now

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Make your own fertilizer. The Compact Compost Tumbler quickly converts kitchen and yard waste into rich, organic compost. Go Green!!

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