Envirocycle Composter Compost Tea Maker

Envirocycle Composter

The Original Envirocycle Composter Tumbler / Compost Tea maker is the perfect solution for people who want to make compost and collect compost tea. It does both.

There is no assembly. The tumbler and the base come fully assembled. Place the tumbler on top of the base unit, which has rollers. You are now ready to make compost. The tumbler is easy to use. The drum should be rolled regularly to mix the materials. 

To make Compost Tea: The liquid is captured as it drains into the base unit. The resulting “tea” is rich in fertilizer and micro-nutrients. To make liquid fertilizer, add water and the compost tea in a 10:1 ratio. Use compost tea for both outdoor plants and your houseplants. Use compost tea for foliar feeding, too.

Envirocycle Composter Capacity

Envirocycle Compost Tumbler

The Envirocycle composter is the perfect size for beginner gardeners and people with small yards.

Original Composter/Compost Tea Maker Drum capacity: 7 cubic feet.

Base liquid capacity: 3.8 gallons.

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