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Flower Bulbs Planting Depth

The depth for planting bulbs is important. Plant them too deep, and they can't fight their way to the surface. Planting them deep will also increase the moisture level they experience. While bulbs are used to cold, wet soils, too much water can cause them to rot. Plant them too shallow, and they can freeze and die if the soil freezes to their depth.

So,  how deep should fall and spring flower bulbs be planted? What is the proper depth? There is no deep secret, or rocket science here. A general rule of thumb is to plant them to a depth of twice the diameter of the bulb.

The planting depth for corms generally follows this same rule of thumb.

For Rhizomes and tuberous roots, most plants prefer to be planted just below the surface, with the "eye" pointed up. An inch or two deep is fine for most plants.  Plant large rhizomes a little deeper. Again, for more specific instructions, see the particular plant's how to grow instructions..

When buying bulbs, corms, or rhizomes, check to see if there are planting instructions on the package. If so, use the suppliers recommendations. If not, revert to the above gardening "rule of thumb".

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