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Cicada Watch 2013: Cicada Emergence Sightings

Cicada shedding exo-skeleton shortly after emerging from the ground.
Compliments Ted Henderson, Chambers County, AL.

The 2013 Cicada emergence is from Brood II. This brood has a 17 year life cycle.

The 2013 Cicada infestation is sizable, and will arrive in some areas of the following states: CT, MD, NC, NJ, NY, PA, and VA.

We are tracking their emergence(see below). Listed below are reported sightings by City/Town and state of the emergence. Please email us sightings. Report a Sighting

Cicada Pictures and Images - See what the "buzz" is all about. Contribute a Picture

Tip: After they emerge, you still have time to cover up small trees and shrubs. They won't begin to do damage for a couple of weeks. Buy 1/4" pest netting now

2013 Cicada Watch - Sightings by State
State/City: Expected: Arrived:
Connecticut They are expected in parts of the state.
Bristol Resident report: May 30- Seen in Bristol, Southington area over the Memorial Day weekend.
Weston Resident report: May 26 - First lawnmowing of the year (very late because of the rains) and the lawn is crawling with brown bugs with shiny exoskeletons. Our big lawn is covered with them. Can’t imagine what it will be like when they start to fly and munch.
Kentucky Not in the defined area of Brood II. But, they are being seen in some areas.
Hanson Resident report: April 15 - I saw several. in Hanson, KY., 42513. The lights were on outside on the porch and they were hitting the windows like drops of hell from rain.
Owsley Couonty Resident report: April 30 - I am Owsley County Kentucky and was digging flowers and dug up a cicada.
I saw several. I live in Hanson ky area code 42513. The lights were on outside on the porch and they were hitting the windows like drops of hell from rain.

S. Lipson

Maryland Cicadas are expected to arrive in Mid-May
Lexington Park Resident report: May 28 - Yuk ! They are everywhere and the sound is deafening !
Mechanicsville Resident report: May 16 - Yikes - the cicadas are already here!!!
Molt Resident report: June 30 - The Cicada bugs are here. I can hear thousands of them outside. I live on 20 acres and they are dropping on my patio left and right. They are so nasty :( I can't wait for them to go away.
New Jersey They are expected in  May..
Belvidere Resident report: June 3 - Have heard them for the last two days and found one in our yard today!
Blainstown Resident report: June 1 - They’re here, “singing” for two days now and the volume is increasing every day.
Bridgewater Resident report: May 26 - Several cicadas and shells on my patio 3 days ago.

Resident report: June 5 - ...amazing to see

Colonia Resident report: June 1 - All over trees & deck and in my neighbors coi pond . Humming is very loud & constant today
Edison Resident report: May 28 - These Secadas are affecting several houses in my area
Far Hills Resident report: June 3 - I am pet groomer and travel every day, i have seen heard them in far hills nj, also heard them in bridgewater nj up in the mountains. It was constant noise in both areas
Martinsville Resident report: May 25 - Saw 20 today. ugh!

Resident report: June 3 - Cicadas are all over

Metuchen Resident report: May 21 - All over the side of my house and driveway YUCK!
Scotch Plains Resident report: May 21 - We are INFESTED! At night there are armies of cicadas marching down the street. My front lawn was covered with hundreds of them. They are EVERYWHERE! The amount that has emerged since last week is at least double. I hope they are gone soon.
Short Hills Resident report: May 1 - The cicadas are beginning to dig mud tunnels. Ugh.
South Mountain Reservation, Maplewood Resident report: May 23 - They have arrived.
Springfield Resident report: May 21 - What a 1st periodical cicada this year! Smaller than the annual and red-eyed. (She) decided to climb up my beige, house siding this morning
Warren Resident report: May 21 - I found a cicada on my patio bar
Watchung Resident report: June 2 - They are here.
Westfield Resident report: June 4- We've been infested with Cicada’s for 2 weeks. The noise is loud all day. It quiets down at night but they are up with the sun.
New York They are expected in the southeastern part of the state, including NYC.
Bronx Resident report: June 1 - We've got them!
Brooklyn Resident report: May 12 -Sighted cicada's on maple tree in Brooklyn on Henry Street.
Cornwall Resident report: June 17 - They are all over Cornwall, New York. Thousands and thousand have invaded. Yech!!!
Gardiner Resident report: June 16 -  I live on an eleven acre plot of almost all wooded land in Gardiner, NY. Since the emergence within the past one and a half to two weeks of Brood II cicadas, I feel as though I am living at the epicenter of some kind of alien invasion. There is a virtual constant cacaphony of their strange mating call and I see them flying from tree to tree as far as I can see from my lagre windows. There are many places here in Gardiner where there is no trace of these strange insects, and the people who have come to my home during this period are stunned by how loud it is. With all my windows and doors closed, and I have a well-insulated house, the sound is like a constant assault on the ears.
Greenwood Lake Resident report: May 30 -Hello I have a lot of cicada around my house. Some came out yesterday .. and a lot last night.
Hyde Park Resident report: June 1 - Golfed this morning with my 17 year old son at Dinsmore Golf Course in Hyde Park and the sound of the Cicada were very loud everywhere on the course. Spotted several flying around. Since my son is 17 these bugs crawled in the ground the year he was born.
New Windsor Resident report: April 26 - I pulled back a tarp had laying down all winter long and found more 3/4" holes in the ground than I can count, including emerging cicadas. Here we go the fun begins..

Resident report:May 30- Saw literally thousands of them attached to bushes. Surprisingly, they were quiet. Glad this only happens every 17 years.

Palenville Resident report: May 22- Heard the first one chirping last night by our manmade pond. Tonight heard two of them chirping to each other. They are here.
Potsdam Resident report: June 20 - We have them here.
Rhinebeck Resident report: May 30- I went to cut some lilac this morning and saw a lot of weird things on the leaves. After checking your website I went back and I saw that one of them was fully formed as a beautiful cicadas, the other don't move from the leaves so I cut the leaves with them on. I don't see any other anywhere so far.
Ulster County, High Falls, Resident report: May 6 -Iits a rainy day and they are begining to dig out, seen dozens in drive way
Wappingers Falls Resident report: June 12 -Cicada's arrived sometime last week. They are very noisy.
North Carolina They are expected in the norht-central part of the state.

Resident report:May 7 - This morning they are everywhere, turning into adults. This is really something to watch...
Raleigh Resident report:May 25 - Woke up this morning to the deafening roar of cicada chirping. Sounded like a toilet continuously running.
Winston Salem Resident report: June 4 - For about two weeks now we have been hearing these things everywhere! Today as we walked in the yard, we saw a few cicada's, but we also found several dead cicada's. We found the ants feasting on their bodies, while the wings lay by their side. In maybe a 4 foot area we found (maybe 4) cicada bodies...well, we saw more wings than bodies.
Pennsylvania They are expected in the eastern part of the state.
Clark's Valley Resident report:May 23 - We have our first sighting of secada today .There were a few on one of our trees this morning. There are more this evening on our chestnut trees, at least 100 or more.
Hamilton Resident report: May 21- Cicada started on 5/18/13. The hatching is stronger every day more and more.
Jenkintown Resident report: May 9 - I thought I heard them last evening.. not sure??
Monroe County Resident report: May 9 - Numerous holes in yard as well as nymphs uncovered while digging for plantings.
Schuylkill Resident report: May 30 - I woke up this morning and when I left the house, a Cicada fell from up above on top of my head. When I looked up and down, I noticed that the entire sidewalk, and the brick on the house were full of Cicada shells as well as the lovely red beady eyed pests. Had to be at least a hundred of them or more.

Resident report: June 17 - I live in Schuylkill county Pennsylvania and I have noticed a very large amount of cicada’s and moths this season almost “apocalyptic “ if you will. The buzzing of the insects is very loud and noticeable. At first I thought they were moths in the evening and then I realized they must have just emerged in the small town where I live.

Shamokin Resident report: May 8 - I just came home from work tonight and saw a ton of these things flying around. Normally don't see a lot of bugs so this had to be them.
Southampton Resident report: May 16- So far none seen in my acre backyard in Bucks County PA - when they do emerge this year I intend to eat some.
Albemarle Resident report: May 25 - My husband and I walked up the trail to the Monticello visitors center, hearing the hum of 17 year cicadas in the trees. At the Monticello visitors center we enjoyed watching them fly around the trees while we drank coffee on the cafe deck. We live not far from there but have only seen a few in our neighborhood.
Aldie Resident report: May 21 - I saw my first cicada today. Actually, it saw me and ran into the back of my head in my yard. Yuck!
Arlington Resident report: May 28 - One neighbor saw one shell a few days ago and another neighbor saw some below the surface while digging in her garden. It was cooler than normal the last few days which likely delayed them. It is predicted to be hot the next few days
Charlotte County Resident report: May 23 - They have been in Charlotte County, VA for about 2 weeks.
Culpepper Resident report: May 11 -The whole side of our wood shop covered this morning.
Dale City Resident report: April 11-I think they coming in big numbers. I noticed cicada holes all over Dale City and Woodbridge Virginia today that seemed to pop up over night
Dale City Resident report: May 12 - Saw the shell of one on my front porch this morning
Fairfax County Resident report: May 21 - They have arrived. 
Fredricksburg Resident report: May 12 -  I've noticed shells and live ones everywhere .
Front Royal Resident report: May 16 - They are quickly taking over our back yard
Ladysmith Resident report: May 16 - Saw about six of these this morning on the way to the bus stop
Lake Monticello Resident report: May 13 - Half a dozen large cicadas observed on the street by our house.
Lake Ridge Resident report: May 15 - There are a whole bunch in my front yard today! Loads of shells under my front maple tree. Live ones in the lawn and on the house.
Lynchburg Resident report: May 12 - Started noticing them about two days ago.
Louisa Resident report: May 12 - There here and a lot of them.
Manassas Resident report: May 19 - The emergence of the cicadas started in earnest on 16 May, thousands emerging - the lawn was crawling with activity. Shells everywhere. The birds and the dogs are having a field day.
Marshall Resident report: May 10 -I woke up to find Cicadas are all over the cicada netting on my Paw Paw and Crepe Myrtle trees. I can hear them in the trees!
Mineral Resident report: May 12 - They have arrived here.
MOneta Resident report: May 16 - Hundreds of Cicadas spotted today around my neighbors oak tree.
Nelson County Resident report: May 9 - Locust spotted May 8
Rustburg Resident report: May 16 - They have arrived here
Stafford County Resident report: May 9 - Witnessing hundreds, if not thousands, of cicadas emerging from the ground and coming out of their exoskeleton. Climbing into trees, shrubs and clinging to side of house.

Resident report: May 16 - Just saw my first cicada zip 22554

Resident report: May 20 - Cicada's have been appearing for about two weeks in small numbers, but May 18-20 they started coming in large numbers. I see many holes and empty exo-skeletons all over tree trunks and on the ground on the mulch beds surrounding trees. They seem to prefer one variety of Oak tree however. My dogs who live outside think the Cicadas are a treat and they eat any they can find. In fact they have been nose-to-the-ground waiting for them to emerge.

Stony Point Resident report: May 12 - They have arrived here.
Virginia Beach Resident report: April 8- I have not seen one but I hear the unmistakable sound of cicadas. Just happened today, .

Cicada Protection and Control:

Insect Nettings are the most effective way to provide protection for your young trees, which are most susceptible. Because Cicada are large insects, a 1/4" mesh netting is effective. Wrap netting completely around the tree. Then, tie or seal it off at the bottom, to keep any insects from entering.

Important Note: Even if the Cicadas have emerged in your area, you have 5-10 days to cover young trees before the female begins to cause damage, as she lays her eggs.

Buy Pest Netting - There is a variety of bags for quick coverup, and sheets.

More Information:

Cicadas - From Garden Hobbies

Brood Map Displays a chart of all of the broods and when they will hatch.

Buy Pest Netting-  It's the best cicada prevention. Find bags and nets to protect against Cicada, birds, deer and other pests.

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