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Our Mission: To provide the finest quality home gardening tips, growing information, trivia and garden resources, from seed starting to growing, harvesting, storing and eating the flowers, fruits, herbs, and vegetables of our gardening labor. The Gardener's Network is the perfect place for you and your plants, the perfect source for how to grow just about any plant!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Harvest and Thanksgiving - Americans really enjoy November and Thanksgiving. For just a moment we slow down. We turn to indoor activities. Cooking and baking returns to our vocabulary. Many of the recipes we use this month focuses upon apples, pumpkins, and other foods that came out of our gardens. Most of all, we give thanks to God for the many blessings he has bestowed upon us and our gardens.

All of us at The Gardener's Network, wish you a very happy, and blessed Thanksgiving!

Fall Bulbs - Are your fall bulbs planted!? Has your busy life style kept you from planting them!? That's okay. If your flower garden soil is not frozen, it's not too late to plant bulbs. Got leftover bulbs? Try your hand at forcing bulbs indoors this winter.... it's easy!

Seeds All Year Long We've always got seeds in stock. Our seeds are always the lowest price....anywhere! Find garden seeds for succession planting, your "second season" or for stockng stuffers here.....

Winterizing Shrubs and Trees - Even hardy trees and shrubs can suffer winter damage.  From heavy snow and ice damage, to sun scald, there are many winter dangers. Learn the most common problems, and how to prevent damage to your plants.

Apples Aplenty - The harvest has arrived. And, its "Apple-icious". Find, facts, fun and trivia. Recipes, too. More on Apples.

Composting .... Go Green! .... Composting is a year round activity. Collect kitchen scraps all winter long, and put them in your composter. The composting process may slow down to a crawl during the winter. But, your composter will neatly hold waste materials, just waiting for a few warm days to start "cooking".

Organic gardening is healthy and growing. We grow herbs and vegetables to produce healthier food for our families. Even if you're not an organic gardening purist, there are a lot of easy to use organic gardening tips to make the food you eat even healthier for you!

Today's  Garden Quote: "Old Gardeners never die. They just spade away then throw in the trowel"  H.V. Prochnow, Sr.

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All year long we talk about gardening, garden seeds, flower bulbs, how to grow better plants, and report garden news you can use.

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On the Light Side:

The Fortune Turkey - Your fortune read in a unique way.

Gardening Holidays - celebrate our garden hobby!

Greeting Cards Send a free Ecard to a gardening friend or family member for just about any event.

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Compost tumblers, tquickly convert plant matter into rich, organic compost. Join organic gardening and "Go Green".

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Today's Garden Quiz

Giant pumpkins are H-U-G-E.

What's the biggst pumpkin ever grown?

Find the Answer

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